osTicket Support vs. Rhino Support

When deciding which support software to use, you might wonder "what are the main differences between osTicket and Rhino Support"?

While both programs are quite similar, there are three important differences that can have a big influence on which help desk application you ultimately decide to use for your business.

First, osTicket is free. Most people are naturally drawn to free software, but unfortunately, free software has some potentially dangerous and costly downsides. For example:

- Free software usually has very limited support. If you have a problem with anything at all, you are at the complete mercy of a volunteer to answer your question or fix your issue, which can take days, weeks, or even months to get a reply. In many cases you're forced to try and find a workaround or a temporary fix to your problem using a public forum, which is often hit-or-miss.

- Free software is notoriously undependable. With no financial incentive or infrastructure to improve the system, free software is often unreliable, with important tools, features and updates being postponed due to a lack of resources.

- Free software is mostly advertising-driven. This can cause branding confusion with your customer base, which usually has a negative affect on your online reputation.

Second, osTicket has to be manually downloaded, installed, and managed on your server. Unless you're intimately familiar with FTP, file permissions, and MySQL, installation can quickly become a technical nightmare! There are literally millions of combinations of servers, operating systems, ftp programs, databases, file formats, and permissions available, making it incredibly easy for something to go wrong along the way. To make matters worse, every time there's an update or an upgrade, you have to do it all over again! This can take hours, and be very frustrating to maintain.

Third, osTicket can only support one website. If you have more than one website, or if you ever decide to start another website, you have to manually download, install, and manage a whole other support system, with all of the installation time, risks and upgrade issues that come along with it. Plus, you and your staff will have to run two separate support systems on your computer in order to manage the support tickets for both websites.

osTicket Support example

Fortunately, Rhino Support resolves these three issues, making customer support a snap!

Rhino Support is one of the best values online. While many of our competitors charge $49, to $99 per month per agent, Rhino Support starts at only $17.00 per month, and you can get our Unlimited Agent Plan for only $47 per month. Plus, all of our plans include toll-free support to make sure you always get the help you need.

Rhino Support is 100% web-based. This means that you can literally be up and running with your own fully-brandable, professional support suite in less than 30 seconds! Plus it is always up-to-date, all future upgrades are included and automatically added to your account, and you and your staff can access it from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day!

Rhino Support can also run multiple support systems from one account. Using our unique Multi-Account Manager, you can run support for multiple websites, using special tabs that you click on right in your control panel. This is an absolute lifesaver for anyone with more than one website.

So, while osTicket support might seem like a good option initially, for most websites it's better to go with a web-based (accessible from anywhere online), affordable option like Rhino Support, that you know you can depend on.

See how EASY Rhino Support is to use, and just how FAST it is to set up. Sign up for your 15 day Free trial today!

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