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When comparing help desk software, you'll find that most help desk applications have 4 major problems:

1. They have to be downloaded and manually installed on your server. This is especially popular in free help desk software tools. The problem with stand-alone help desk software free tools are that there are so many different variables when it comes to server installation, that it can quickly turn into a technical nightmare! It only takes one incompatibility and you could spend several hours or even days trying to resolve the issue. Plus, every time there is an update or upgrade, you have to manually install everything all over again!

2. They are bloated with useless features. Many help desk applications try to be everything to everyone, and in the process become extremely complicated and difficult to use. This can easily overwhelm you and your support staff as you try to wade through countless help desk tools and options that don't apply to you.

3. They only support one website. If you have multiple websites that need support you have to buy separate licenses and install separate software for each website. Then, you and your support staff have to open up separate instances of each helpdesk application in order to answer the tickets. What a pain!

4. They are very expensive. Many support systems charge $49, $59, or even $99 per agent per month for their help desk software. This means that you have to pay for every staff member you add, which can easily add up to thousands of dollars per year.

The Perfect Mix of Features for the
#1 Help Desk Software System...
  • Works with Email so your customers won't ever have to login.
  • Combine duplicate or related tickets with a single click.
  • 'One Click' responses for for frequently asked questions.
  • View customer histoy at a glance.
  • Add support software to any site as easy as Copy & Paste.
  • Filter out spam or "automated" messages.
  • Prioritize Tickets by color.
  • Tag your tickets so you can find them quickly.
  • Easily assign the ticket to another agent or department. (Pro)
  • Manage multiple agents with a simple interface. (Pro)
  • Manage multiple websites' support with one system. (Pro)
* Some Options are only available in the Pro Plans.

Rhino Support truly is the fastest, easiest, most user-friendly support system ever created.

So go ahead and try out our help desk software today!


When customers know they can reach you at their convenience AND that you are responsive to their inquiries or needs, they automatically gain more respect and trust for you. They know that you are there to genuinely serve them and are not going to just take their money and skip town. In fact, the more they trust that you truly care about them, the more likely they will refer others to your site as well as, they will shop with you again. There will be no need to look to your competitors if you are taking care of all their needs quickly and efficiently. That's the power of Rhino Support's live chat and helpdesk software. Give us a try today!

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