Rhino Support provides help desk applications and
live chat for businesses worldwide.

Thanks in part to the following amazing people. We would also like to give special thanks to
our clients for allowing us to serve them!

Scott Brandley - CoFounder Scott Brandley
Rhino Support, LLC


David Brandley - CoFounder David Brandley
Rhino Support, LLC


Aubrey Barker - Lead Programmer Aubrey Barker
Safe and Secure Tech, LLC

Lead Programmer

Tiffany West - General Manager Tiffany West
Sole Proprietor

General Manager

James Wales - In House Designer James Wales
JWales LLC

In House Designer

Eric Brandley - Graphics Design Eric Brandley
Embellish Graphix, LLC

Graphics Design

Aaron Brandley - Director of Social Media Aaron Brandley

Director of Social Media

Luke Brandley - CMO Luke Brandley
GMS Payson, LLC


Garret Pierson - Marketing Expert Garrett Pierson
New Generation Consulting, LLC


Shayne Murphy - First Impression Specialist Shayne Murphy
Trayzen's, LLC

First Impression Specialist

Elisha Marti - Customer Service Elisha Marti
Sole Proprietor

Customer Service

Duke Brandley - Graphics Design Duke Brandley
Duke Brandley Design

Graphics Designer

Tiffany Hunt - Customer Service Tiffany Hunt
Sole Proprietor

Customer Service

Joy Boothe - Social Media Expert Joy Boothe
Empower My Passion, LLC

Marketing Consultant

Jerson Barrios - Programmer Jerson Barrios
Sole Proprietor


Raphael Villejo - Programmer Raphael Villejo
Sole Proprietor


Andrea Jones - Marketing Assistant Andrea Jones
Sole Proprietor

Marketing Assistant

Robert Simkins - Sales Robert Simkins
GMS Payson, LLC


Diana Brandley - Financial Consultant Diana Brandley
Sole Proprietor

Financial Consultant

Other Contributors:

Josilyn Barfuss, Shannon Tuke, Michael Wales