Kayako vs. Rhino Support

Kayako helpdesk software vs Rhino Support

When researching various help desk software companies, you might wonder "what are the primary differences between Kayako and Rhino Support"?

While both support programs are similar as far as standard features go, this article will help you compare the main differences between Kayako and Rhino in order for you to make the best possible decision for you and your organization.

1. Customer Demographics. Kayako focuses mainly on medium to large-size corporations, where Rhino Support focuses primarily on Small to Medium businesses that are searching for an all-inclusive, effective help desk application.

2. Product Features. Because Kayako focuses on bigger companies, they're forced to create additional advanced options and functions that most businesses don't have a need for, that ultimately end up adding extra menus and complicated options to your account. On the other hand, each new feature that we integrate into Rhino Support is carefully developed to ensure that it's simple and that it can be used by as many of our customers as possible.

3. Number of Agents. Kayako bases its pricing on a per agent monthly price, which means the more agents you have the more you pay. Alternatively, Rhino Support gives you UNLIMITED agents for less than a single agent using Kayako. The savings alone could easily equal thousands of dollars per year. :-)

4. Number of Sites. Kayako is built to only provide support for a single site, which means that if you have more than one website, it will cost you double the monthly price, and your staff will have to have multiple instances of the support system open at all times. Rhino however, is the only support software to offer the Multi-Account Manager, which gives you the ability for you and your staff to effortlessly manage multiple websites all in the same account. You simply toggle between your support accounts with a single click.

5. Pricing. Kayako charges upwards of $49 per agent, per month! So with Kayako, 5 agents X $49 = $245 per month vs Rhino's UNLIMITED plan for just $47 per month, that's a huge savings! Plus, Rhino lets you start with one agent for only $17 per month.

6. Ease of Use. Rhino Support is web-based, so there is no complicated "install" and you don't need a special server to use our system. Plus, you always get the latest updates or upgrades without having to down load or install anything. "Oh, the beauties of web-based solutions." This is a solution that can be quickly, and easily, integrated into your existing website or blog. Rhino's setup wizard will walk you through the essentials so that you can get started right away. Then if you want to incorporate some other "bells and whistles," you can.

In the end, both Kayako helpdesk software and Rhino Support have their own unique advantages, but ultimately it comes down to the size of your organization, your budget, how fast you want to get started, how many websites and agents you need.

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Note: Prices and options were valid at the time this article was written, please check for yourself before making a final decision.

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