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Assistly (now

When determining the support software that you want to use for your website, money talks.

As a website owner, you want a robust, professional support system that is easy on your pocket book. And while Assistly (now is one of the better support systems online, they are also one of the most expensive.

Assistly charges up to $99 per month per agent. This works out to $1,188 a year per agent. And for every additional agent you have to pay that same amount over and over again!

Even if you only have 5 support staff, your yearly support costs can reach as high as six thousand dollars! "Ouch!"

Fortunately, there's a great alternative to Assistly that gives you many of the same key features, but for a fraction of the price - Rhino Support.

Instead of a per agent plan like Assistly, Rhino Support has two plans that offer Unlimited Agents:

• The Full Platinum plan gives you Unlimited Agents for one website for only $47/mo.

• The Multi Platinum plan gives you Unlimited Agents for up to 5 websites (that can all be easily managed in one account using our Multi-Account Manager) for only $97/mo.
So, if you had 5 agents and you went with Rhino Support instead of Assistly or Desk, you could save $5,376 a year in support costs alone, which you could use to help build and grow your business.

See how much Rhino Support can save you, starting today!

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Note: Prices and options were valid at the time this article was written, please check for yourself before making a final decision.

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