Support Ticket System

If you're looking for a fast, effective support ticket system, then Rhino Support can help. Rhino Support is one of the fastest, easiest, most user- friendly support ticketing systems on the market. Here's why...

Rhino Support is a 'web based' support ticketing system, which means that you or your staff can access your support tickets from any browser, from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day.

Rhino Support is feature optimized, which means that unlike most support ticket systems who try to appease everyone by creating an interface bloated with usesless options, we only create features that can be widely adopted to the majority of our clients. This creates a much cleaner interface.

Rhino Support is made to work like email, so if you can use Thunderbird, Outlook, or Gmail, you can use Rhino Support. The interface of Rhino Support was made to work just like email, so it feels natural and easy to navigate - the way a support ticket system should be.

Rhino Support can handle support for multiple websites - all in one control panel thanks to our Multi-Account Manager. In fact, Rhino Support is the only support ticketing system in the world that has this ability, saving you and your staff from having to log into multiple accounts to manage your support.

Rhino Support is affordable. Competing support ticketing systems charge $49, $59, or even $99 per month per agent! This can easily end up costing you thousands of dollars a year. Rhino Support on the other hand gives you unlimited agents for only $47/mo for one site, or only $97/mo for up to 5 sites! We even have a per agent option starting at only $17/mo.

Try Rhino Support free for 30 days and experience the difference for yourself today!

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