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When looking for service desk software for your business you want to ask yourself 4 questions.

Service Desk System
Question 1 - Is the service desk software downloadable or web-based? If it's downloadable, you need to make sure that it is compatible with your web server, and that you understand how to upload and install software. You will need an FTP program, a mysql database, and a general knowledge of file permissions in order to ensure a smooth installation. If the software is web-based, like Rhino Support, all of your support software will be hosted and managed for you, which means that your account will be immediately available.

Question 2 - Is the service desk software easy to use? Many support systems are overly complicated and are full of unnecessary tools and features that you probably won't ever use. This can often overwhelm you and your staff, and add extra steps to the ticket system. Rhino Support is unique because we only add features that you and your staff need in order to be effective and efficient. Whenever we add a new feature, we carefully weigh all the options and make sure that it will help the majority our clients.

Question 3 - Does the software support more than one website? This is a very important feature that no other support system offers except Rhino Support. Our unique servicedesk software gives you the ability to manage multiple help desk applications for different websites - all in one control panel. This is an absolute live saver if you need support for more than one website.

Question 4 - Does the service desk software charge per agent? Many support companies charge $49, $59, or even $99 per month per agent, which can easily add up to thousands of dollars per month in support costs. Rhino Support is different because we offer unlimited agents for only $47/mo for one site, or only $97/mo for up to 5 sites. We even have a per agent option starting at only $17/mo.

If you are serious about simplifying, organizing, and effectively managing your online customer support, Rhino Support is the service desk software for you.

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