Active Campaign vs. Rhino Support

If you're looking into using Active Campaign help desk software for your support needs, you might also want to consider looking into Rhino Support.

While both Active Campaign and Rhino Support offer comparable web-based support services, Rhino Support has one important feature that Active Campaign doesn't.

Rhino Support is the only support company that offers the Multi-Site Manager. The Multi-Site Manager gives you the ability to manage support for multiple websites - all in one control panel. This is a huge benefit if you have more than one website.

Also, unlike Active Campaign who charges up to $49 per user per month, Rhino Support allows you to have unlimited users for only $47/mo which can save you thousands of dollars a year!

Would you rather pay an additional $49 a month every time you have to add a new staff member, or just pay a flat $47 a month and never have to worry about your support costs increasing?

If you're looking for a fast, efficient, easy to use support system, then Rhino Support is the best option online.

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