"How to Ethically make your shoppers
85% more likely to buy from you,

Without downloading any programs, learning to code, or hiring IT staff."

Shoppers Who Chat
Buy More!

When online visitors are browsing your website, they often have questions. They want these questions answered before considering making a purchase. Research has shown that if questions are answered quickly with live chat, visitors are more likely to buy... 85% more likely, to be exact.

Live Chat users are 85% are more likely to buy


Rhino Support provides bold chat software - reducing Cart Abandonment

Live Chat Reduces
Cart Abandonment

There are only a few reasons why shoppers abandon their carts. Using Live Chat can help. Here's how:

  • Price Issues - People price check all the time. By chatting with them, you reassure and build rapport with them, giving them a reason to buy from you.
  • Window Shopping - Shoppers want to know what colors and sizes are in stock.
  • Checkout Problems - The importance of assisting shoppers as they checkout goes without saying.
  • People Love a Discount - Wouldn't it be nice to offer visitors a discount via chat? You may just sway their decision to purchase!

Chat Increases
Customer Satisfaction

And why wouldn’t it? To fully understand why this is so, put yourself in the shoes of your customers.

Consider the last time you used live chat in your everyday life... Maybe it was when you where shopping or had an issue with a service. Wasn’t live chat easier than calling, waiting on hold and then talking to someone who was hard to understand? Chat is instant, easy & skyrockets customer satisfaction. You know this is true... and so do your customers.

Customer Satisfaction is easy with livechat

Other Amazing Benefits of having
Live Chat Software on Your Website

  •  Higher Conversion Rates
  •  Lower Support Costs
  •  Faster Customer Engagement
  •  Quicker Resolution to Problems
  •  Reduce Communication Issues
  •  Increased Sales & ROI